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At Tonkin + Taylor, our waste infrastructure specialists understand the importance of waste infrastructure and offer specialised landfill services to help owners and operators make informed decisions. 

Our team of experts has the necessary skills, experience, and commitment to optimise landfill efficiency and minimise operational environmental impacts. 

Waste infrastructure is crucial to community service, especially considering the growing population and limited landfill capacity. Environmental awareness and evolving legislative requirements have made waste disposal more complex, with increased emphasis on waste containment facility design and waste minimisation, reuse, and recycling.

In light of rising landfill construction costs and the need for risk-based environmental monitoring, maximising airspace utilisation and adopting intelligent waste management practices that minimise future remediation costs is essential.

From conceptual site approval to detailed facility design, rehabilitation, monitoring, and environmental auditing, Tonkin + Taylor is passionate about developing infrastructure that uses integrated thinking to protect human health, safeguard the environment, and enable efficient and effective use of resources.


  • Planning, design, and construction of landfills
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Rehabilitation of closed landfills
  • Waste strategy, waste flow modelling, and action plans

Recent Projects

Melbourne Regional Landfill

Melbourne Regional Landfill

Knox Transfer Station Odour and Dust Monitoring

Knox Transfer Station Odour and Dust Monitoring

Closed Landfill Assessments

Closed Landfill Assessments

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Waste + Resource Recovery

With a growing presence across New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Tonkin + Taylor offers a range of services in the waste and contaminated land sectors.

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