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Groundwater and settlement are crucial elements of geotechnical engineering that greatly affect the stability and performance of structures and infrastructure. Groundwater can impact soil strength, liquefaction susceptibility and stability, which can influence the design and execution of a project. Settlement can lead to structural damage, uneven settling, and even total collapse if not adequately addressed during the design process.

Tonkin + Taylor offers comprehensive groundwater and settlement assessment services, allowing the design and construction of structures and infrastructure that can perform reliably throughout their lifetime. Our team of geotechnical and hydrogeologist experts have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing groundwater levels and developing cost-effective solutions for infrastructure management – including dewatering and groundwater control measures. We also have the expertise to estimate and monitor settlement magnitude and duration, using the latest technology to ensure accurate and timely data collection.

Tonkin + Taylor’s groundwater and settlement services are designed to help minimise the risks associated with groundwater and settlement when constructing a new project or rehabilitating an existing one. Tonkin + Taylor is committed to providing practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that help ensure the long-term stability and performance of our client’s projects.


  • Groundwater systems
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Partial saturation
  • Mechanical and drawdown induced settlements
  • Consolidation settlements
  • Assessments of effects on structures
  • Ground water control and settlement plan
  • Ground improvement in soft/weak grounds

Recent Projects

Lilydale Quarry Backfill

Lilydale Quarry Backfill

Mordialloc Freeway

Mordialloc Freeway

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