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At Tonkin + Taylor, we place the utmost importance on our team’s Health, Safety, and Wellbeing (HSW). A strong Health and Safety culture is fundamental in ensuring the success of our projects, clients, and creating an environment for our staff that is sustainable and prioritises their workplace experience.

A holistic approach to HSW

A holistic HSW programme focuses not just on the physical safety of our people, but their mental and emotional wellbeing too. To create a strong HSW culture, we need to give as much attention and effort to promoting and nurturing wellbeing as much as we do to health and safety.

ISO certified

To demonstrate our commitment to HSW, Tonkin + Taylor is certified to ISO45001 – the international health and safety standard. Tonkin + Taylor is committed to upholding a high standard of health and safety practices, and ensuring a continual improvement mindset is core to our approach. Health, safety, and wellbeing is a journey that can only be achieved through visible leadership, the consultation of our people, and an overarching framework that ties all these practices together. 

Let’s together create and sustain a better world

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