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Fluvial geomorphology is how rivers shape the world around us. At its core, it examines the intricate interplay between sediment, water, and vegetation throughout an entire river catchment. By understanding the complex processes in a river system, we can gain insight into how it might behave in the future, particularly in the face of changing conditions like climate change.

At Tonkin + Taylor, we have a team of expert fluvial geomorphologists with proven technical capability and project experience. 

Our fluvial geomorphologists work closely with water engineers, river managers, ecologists, freshwater scientists, landscape architects, and geotechnical engineers to provide our clients with holistic, long-term solutions. By collaborating across a range of expertise and industries, our fluvial geomorphologists can provide tailored solutions that consider each river system’s unique characteristics. 

Tonkin + Taylor fluvial geomorphologists aim to provide our clients with robust solutions through improved river management, flood risk assessments, erosion mitigation, gravel resource management, ecological assessments and enhancements, fish passage design, stream diversion design, and stream enhancement initiatives.


  • River channel assessments and mapping
  • Floodplain mapping and analysis
  • Stream restoration design and implementation
  • Erosion control and bank stabilisation
  • Sediment transport analysis
  • Watershed management and planning
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling
  • Fish habitat assessment and restoration
  • Geomorphic hazard assessment
  • Natural channel design and construction
  • Urban stream daylighting and naturalisation
  • River corridor assessments and management plans
  • Watershed restoration and management plans
  • Bankfull discharge and flood frequency analyses
  • Riparian vegetation management and restoration
  • Invasive species management and control

Recent Projects

Nelson Tasman Stream Design Guidelines

Nelson Tasman Stream Design Guidelines


Land + Buildings

With a growing presence across New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, our Land Development team specialise in residential, commercial, mixed use, educational and institutional, and recreational development projects.


With a growing presence across New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Tonkin + Taylor offers a range of water infrastructure and treatment services.

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