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Tonkin + Taylor’s team of land restoration experts are dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of our natural landscapes. Our land restoration team offers a range of services, including site assessments, options planning, restoration management plan preparation, and biodiversity offsetting advice.

We understand that our natural environment is vital to our wellbeing and communities, and we are passionate about promoting sustainable development through land restoration. 

Tonkin + Taylor’s land restoration team has years of experience in land restoration and rehabilitation, from revegetation programmes to stream and wetland rehabilitation plans and terrestrial site restoration. Our team use the latest techniques and scientific methods to ensure our restoration efforts are effective, efficient, and sustainable.

We are committed to promoting biodiversity, protecting ecosystems, land restoration, and the enhancement of natural landscapes to help together create and sustain a better world.


  • Site assessments, options planning, and restoration management plan preparation
  • Mitigation and biodiversity offsetting advice
  • Revegetation programmes
  • Stream and wetland rehabilitation plans
  • Terrestrial and site rehabilitation plans

Recent Projects

Te Ara Awataha Greenway and Stream Daylighting

Te Ara Awataha Greenway and Stream Daylighting


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