Knox City Council proposed to assess the existing odour and dust impacts resulting from its operations at the Knox Transfer Station. Tonkin + Taylor was tasked with designing and executing a monitoring campaign to measure ambient odour and dust deposition concentrations.

T+T successfully conducted the monitoring campaign, collecting comprehensive data. This data and the analysis of localised wind patterns were used to determine the site’s contribution to the measured ambient odour and dust levels. These findings played a crucial role in informing the management of odour and dust emissions from the site.

Through our expertise in monitoring and analysis, T+T actively supported the Knox City Council in understanding and addressing potential environmental impacts associated with odour and dust emissions at the Knox Transfer Station. The data collected and the subsequent analysis allowed for the development of effective management strategies to mitigate these impacts.


  • Air quality and dust field monitoring (including monitoring plans and data analysis)
  • Air emissions estimation
  • Air dispersion modelling (including meteorological modelling)
  • Air quality impact assessment
  • Air quality risk assessment
  • Air quality control and management and human health risk/impact assessments from air emissions
  • Field monitoring
  • Development of monitoring plans
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Mitigation and management


  • Knox City Council


  • 2020

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