Tonkin + Taylor plays a crucial role in redeveloping the closed former Sabilco limestone quarry and processing facility in Lilydale, Melbourne. Our extensive involvement includes providing advice, design services, and field monitoring in various key areas to ensure the project’s success.

We offer expertise in the design of pavements, sewer systems, and retarding basins, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and specifications. Additionally, we conduct settlement monitoring to assess ground movements and implement appropriate measures to manage settlement risks effectively.

In accordance with AS5100.3-2017: Bridge Design, Part 3: Foundation and Soil-Supporting Structures, we provide specialised advice and design services for bridge foundations. This ensures the safe and reliable foundation of the bridges within the project.

Our team conducts comprehensive slope stability assessments and historic landslip risk evaluations. By conducting detailed analysis, regular site visits, and implementing slope remediation options, we effectively manage slope stability risks within the quarry.

We identify and complete relevant reference jars to facilitate crushed rock mix registration according to VicRoads standards and conduct source rock and product rock testing. This ensures the compliance and saleability of the crushed rock product.

Tonkin + Taylor also plays a vital role in designing a dewatering system capable of disposing up to 1ML/hr of water. Additionally, our groundwater dewatering monitoring and recovery modelling help maintain safe groundwater levels on the site.

We provide on-site supervision and Level 1 Geotechnical Testing Authority services throughout the project, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations during geotechnical testing activities.

Our services in design, monitoring, risk assessment, and on-site supervision ensure the project’s compliance, safety, and overall success.


  • Settlement estimation including construction settlement and long-term settlement, instrumentation, and monitoring. 
  • Earthworks specifications. 
  • Site investigation including 50 boreholes with depths of up to 55m plus many test pits. 
  • Dewatering sump design to facilitate up to 2ML/day of disposal. 
  • Groundwater dewatering monitoring and recovery modelling 
  • Pavement, sewer, retarding basin advice and design. 
  • On-site supervision Level 1 Geotechnical Testing Authority. 
  • Plate load test and interpretation.


  • Tav Lilydale Pty Ltd & LBJ Corporation Pty Ltd)


  • 2015 – ongoing (completion due end 2023)

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