Chadwick Geotechnics, a subsidiary of T+T Group, undertook all the drilling and test pitting for the initial geotechnical investigation of footings and pavements. A dedicated team of NATA-registered site testing professionals then conducted quality control testing on subgrades and pavements, proof rolling inspections, performed plate load testing when necessary, and conducted foundation inspections for each footing throughout the construction period.

The project highlights included the installation of 149 wind turbines, the construction of 110 kilometres of internal access roads, and dealing with complex geology. 

In response to the project’s technical requirements, the team conducted geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations, designed various types of footings, including full gravity, anchored, and hybrid footings, provided geotechnical advice for the construction of four substations, utilised Plaxis 3D modelling for foundation analysis, developed innovative and sustainable pavement designs, offered guidance on subgrade improvements and winter construction, provided earthworks specifications and technical advice, conducted laboratory services, and performed pavement analysis for the delivery of heavy components and crane lifts.

Through our comprehensive range of services and technical expertise, Chadwick Geotechnics and Tonkin + Taylor made a significant contribution to the successful execution of the project. The team’s commitment to quality control, geotechnical design, and pavement analysis ensured the construction of reliable and efficient infrastructure for the wind turbine installation.


  • Geotechnical + hydrogeological investigations
  • Drilling + test pitting
  • Design of footings
  • Construction support
  • 3D modelling of foundations
  • Pavement designs 
  • Subgrade improvements 
  • Earthworks specifications + technical advice
  • Laboratory services
  • Crane lift studies


  • Goldwind Australia Pty Ltd


  • 2018-2020

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