Tonkin + Taylor was engaged to undertake catchment risk assessments (CRA) for 14 different community water supply sources across the Hawke’s Bay region. Supply sources vary, consisting of large urban to small community supplies (50-<500 people). 

The CRAs build upon the delineation of the source protection zone (SPZ) for the water sources previously undertaken by T+T. This CRA project was to prepare “fit for purpose” CRAs aligned with the Drinking Water Safety Plan Framework and to provide a strong foundation for the design of Source Water Risk Management Planning (SWRMP) and meet current and future regulations. 

Based on the results of the CRA, T+T identified the key source water contamination risks to each of the water supplies and presented a range of recommendations for further assessment to understand the geological models with investigations and monitoring. 

These recommendations were designed to allow mitigation measures to be developed and/or implemented if applicable.


  • Source water risk management areas (SWRMA) 
  • Completion of source water risk assessments 
  • Development of source water risk management plans for each of the Hastings District Council’s public water sources (ongoing) 
  • Supported Hastings District Council’s responses to spill events within the public water supply catchments 
  • Targeted technical risk assessments
  • Advising on appropriate responses as an Affected Party
  • Strategic advice on bore field positioning, layout, and operation (to minimise contamination risk)
  • Bore design 
  • Construction support


  • Hastings District Council


  • 2020 – 2021

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