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Australasian Coasts + Ports 2023 Conference

By 15 August 2023November 29th, 2023Events

Around the world, the increasing impacts of climate change are evident. More than ever, highly qualified scientists, engineers and planners are needed to develop resilient, sustainable, and adaptable solutions capable of accommodating these changes. 

Our coastal team are leading the charge with this transformative work and are excited to be contributing to the knowledge sharing at Coast + Ports. 

Tonkin + Taylor presenters topics at Australasian Coasts + Ports 2023 Conference

  • Mark Foster & Tom Shand – Innovative design approaches on a major transport infrastructure project at the coast – the Te Ara Tupua experience. Mark and Tom’s paper presents an innovative approach to delivering major transport infrastructure projects at the coast using an agile design philosophy. This approach results in several innovations including the use of modified XblocPlus® concrete armour units for the first time in Australasia.  
  • Reuben Hansen – Opotiki Harbour Development – Innovation in Environmental Management Plans. His presentation will be delving into how innovative Environmental Management Plans can de-risk the delivery of major marine construction projects in sensitive environments.   
  • Scott Murray – Ōpōtiki Harbour Development- Construction Challenges at the end of a Sand Spit. Scott will be delving into the challenges and innovations of the project and the positive impact it will have on our communities and environment.  
  • Michael Paine  Waves and shared pathways: a data-driven approach to site-specific overtopping analysis’. Michael will delve into the approach to analysing wave overtopping hazards and associated implications on user safety along a 4.5km shared pathway along the coastal edge with unique edge protection structures. This includes using physical modelling, developing project-specific overtopping formulas and applying overtopping hazard forecasts to shared path operation and future adaptation. 
  • Eddie Beetham – ‘ A multi-model workflow for assessing multi-scale beach dynamics.’ Eddie’s paper explores beach processes at multiple management timescales and proposes a multi-model workflow for understanding short-, medium- and long- term dynamics for informing coastal management with application to Sandringham Beach, Port Phillip Bay, Australia 
  • Verity Taylor XblocPlus® and earthquakes: multi-modal approach to infrastructure performance and repair. Verity will explore how XblocPlus® units have been adopted as the primary armouring for the Te Ara Tupua shared path. Detailing the various physical and numerical models used to determine performance, inform design, and the repair strategy. 
  • Peter Quilter – Presenting an overview of his master’s thesis which highlights key challenges for local government coastal managers that relate to overtopping hazards. And a need for pragmatic guidance on monitoring, application within adaptive management, and assessment of Relative Sea Level Rise (RSLR) effects on future hazards. 
  • Holly Blakely – Presenting an overview of her master’s thesis titled: Vegetation for Wave Overtopping Mitigation: A Laboratory and Numerical Investigation.’ Holly’s presentation will explore the ability of vegetation to mitigate wave overtopping flows as an alternative to traditional hard-engineered strategies. 

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